Welcome To All-Star Interpreting!

The 62th midsummer classic played in the Skydome of Toronto in 1991 inspired the concept that later on became the foundation of our company: a group of the best players in the league carefully selected because of their unique skills.

Two years later, after making the ideal team, that idea became a reality when All Star Interpreting Service was established: A selected group of the best interpreters and translators in the vast number of languages spoken in Southern California specializing in the fields of legal interpretation, medical interpretation, and conference interpreting and translation services working to bridge the communication gap for you.

Professional Organization Affiliations:
  • American Translators Association
  • California Federation of Interpreters
  • California Workers Compensation Interpreters Association
  • SCSI Southern California School OF Interpretation


What is the most important factor you look for when you find our you need to hire an interpreter?

A company that is reliable and has staff that are accommodating and friendly.

What other factors would influence your decision to choose a particular interpreting service?

Some of our clients require us to use “preferred vendors”.

Has All Star Interpreting Service, Inc. met your expectations? How?

Yes, All Star has always been more that accommodating, very professional, and always able to help us in a jam. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Please describe how can we improve our services to Fabiano, Castro, Siefkes & Clem, LLP.

There is nothing to improve from my experience. All Star gets an A+!

Please tell us about a memorable experience when All Star Interpreting exceeded your expectations.

Our client needed a complicated settlement document translated with less than 24 hours’ notice, and All Star did a fantastic job translating and producing a replica in Spanish overnight.

Barrett T. Goldberg

Legal Assistant to Maurice Castro, Esq.

IT Assistant

Fabiano, Castro, Siefkes & Clem